Sunday, March 27, 2011

Israel and Argentina

Failing Relationship?

Is this the end of a political relationship? I happen to know a lot of Israeli beef comes from Argentina. Maybe its time for a budding entrepreneur, or perhaps an already existing one, to set up a kosher slaughterhouse in Israel that can do business with, not just Israel, but surrounding countries that actually have Jews in it.

As stated on the Wikipedia page:

  • In the Netherlands, halal slaughter includes some pre-mortem stunning. The Netherlands is one of the countries that introduced legislative protection for shehitah.
  • Spain allows ritual slaughter for sheep and goats but not for cattle.
The implications of such a company basing itself in Israel would be outstanding. The 12 countries, 13 including Israel, can be supplied by such an operation. Muslims in these countries, as much as I don't want to admit it, would by these Kosher meats because they consider Kosher meat something that would fit under the Halal guidelines. And as the Muslim population grows in Europe, Africa and other places, such an operation would become very popular and very lucrative.

Regarding how it would affect the Israeli economy, you can only imagine the amount of jobs it could produce locally. Besides for competent shochtim (Ritual Slaughterers), it would employ laborers, book keepers, CPAs, scientists (as far as I know, scientists are kept on hand to administer certain anti-biotics and vitamins to a herd.) The list can go on and on.

To go even further, the development of the land to be able to support such an operation would become a hot money maker as well, returning back to the beginning of the Aliyahs in the late 1800s. Cleaning up land and making it viable to feed and support livestock on such a scale could, peripherally, become a big boost to the agricultural industry. Or even just to the import/export industry of Livestock and its related supplies.

Let's get started on this. It is so important to become a self sustaining economy. We can't rely on Argentina and others of their ilk to keep our little country afloat. We must do for ourselves. And, if this operation is done inside the non-contested areas (which I think is silly to begin with. Yesha, or Yehuda and Shomron, are just as much a part of Israel as Tel Aviv or Tzfat or Eilat) the government will have no choice but to use their resources to help maintain business, flocks and a major part of their budding economy. But this isn't a political blog. There are plenty of those, and I support them greatly. As I hope they will, and do, me. 

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