Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Technological Research and Development in Israel!

EMC Corporation is going to be investing more money into their already existing operations in Israel. Read article here. For those who are looking for a job in these fields, go to their website and apply!!! If this means you have to make Aliyah...well...get crackin! What are you waiting for?

The Research and Development field for all things IT and Technology is an ever expanding field globally, but especially in Israel. Some of the finest minds in the working world have found their way to Israel. This is a huge opportunity for the Jewish people to help Israel become the leader in this industry! When other companies catch wind of this...the possibilities will be endless. They will be knocking down the doors of Israel to set up shop there.

On a personal note, I think support call centers will be springing up in Israel very soon. For the most part, Israel is a tremendous mixing pot of all nationalities. Companies like Dell outsource their  support centers to India. The problem is that no one can understand the accents and the language barrier is often not broken. It results in mistakes and money lost. Whereas in Israel, a center can be opened in a particularly Anglo part of Israel, for example. Former Americans speaking to Americans. No accents, no getting lost in translation. The results in less money lost. And this can be done with many other countries. Russians helping Russians, Ethiopians helping Ethiopians. That is the absolute beauty of Israel. We are all family and we can use our specific talents, things that make us individuals and can help us excel. It would provide a family with the much needed support and Israel with the much needed income.

As I have said before, helping Israel become self sufficient should be a top priority. Production, Goods and Services, Tourism. There is so much out there to make Israel stand out as a leader of countries. There is also so much out there for Jews to make some serious parnassah (livelihood) all while supporting Israel. All we need is to get out there and do it.

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