Thursday, March 24, 2011

On Boycotts

It seems that the Left wing (and I don't mean Democrats or Liberals) has disregarded American law yet again. In 1977, the Export Administration Act was put in place to stop the boycotts of Israel. The anarchistic side of the Left has been garnering support from everywhere they can.

This is a list of musicians who refuse to come to Israel:

Snoop Dogg
Elvis Costello
The Pixies
Santana (Unconfirmed)
Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame)

What reason would they have to NOT play in Israel? People like Elvis Costello can't be selling that many records. It's really a shame that they can't see the forest from the trees.

To offset this, many musicians have played in Israel. When a major musician comes to Israel, it brings money into the local and greater economies. Besides for buying the tickets, more money is spent on food, transport, parking and even more locally, shops within view of the venues. This list of musicians should be lauded for their support of Israel (even if you don't listen to them):

Diana Krall (who happens to be the wife of Elvis Costello)
Elton John
Rod Stewart
Mark Knopfler (One of the greatest guitarists ever, in my opinion)
Matisyahu (as if this was even a question)
Paul McCartney
Linkin Park
Bon Jovi
Justin Bieber
Deep Purple
Depeche Mode
Paul Simon
Bob Dylan
Rage Against the Machine (The played in Israel two days after I left in 2000)
Eric Clapton
Frank Sinatra

I've made this list long for a reason. I couldn't find any other big name bands that are boycotting Israel. But, the list of those who will bring their music into Israel is much much longer. I couldn't bother looking any longer for more bands. You are more then welcome to comment with bands I have not mentioned.

Its important to remember this: When you are looking to support Israel, it doesn't mean that you have to just support products made in Israel (although you should buy anything that comes from Israel). It also means that a support of products and services and arts that don't kowtow to an overwhelmingly anti-Israel bias in most Mainstream media outlets and the Anachronistic, left wing Radicals.



  1. I'm a huge knopfler fan. Just curious: how do you know he's a supporter?

  2. Here is the answer to the above question: