Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Only in Israel

Today we have seen yet another act of cowardly terrorism against unsuspecting, innocent civilians in the name of "fighting the oppressors."

When are we, and by we, I mean Jews, Americans, the World, going to wake up to the harsh reality of an Islamic rule in this world: If you are not a Muslim, you are not worth living. Sometimes they will pity you and let you live. Sometimes not.

We saw two weeks ago a horrific murder of the Fogel family. Five members of the Jewish people snuffed out. Why? Because they live on the wrong side of an imaginary line that the world doesn't believe should even be there. What did Hadas Fogel do? She was 3 months old. Her only crime was being a Jew.

What did the people at the bus stop do? They, as Jews have done for thousands of years, live in Jerusalem.

What about the graves of over 100,000 people buried on Har HaZeisim/Mount of Olives? Those bad, horrible people should be ASHAMED of themselves for dying and being buried in what is regarded, and has been regarded for many, many years, as the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people.

In 1967, when Jordan was in control of Jerusalem, nothing Jewish was holy. The Western Wall was a trash heap, Har HaZeisim was desecrated. Where is the public outcry? Not just outside of the Land of Israel, but inside as well.

And yet we see in the global media, Israel is the aggressor. Israel is "occupying" territories. Since when did a formation of a country become "occupying?" When Israel won all of the wars since 1948 and took land, legally I might add, it was pressured to give it back. And it did. Because, in the court of world opinion, Israel was in the wrong, even though they were attacked.

The harsh reality is scary. People don't want to hear it. But Jews think it. Jews feel it. Every day. When we see the news and we see the reactions. It is not that Israel shouldn't exist. It is a land, no bigger than the size of New Jersey. Normally, it was filled with Bedouins, Jews and some other nomadic people. It's not that Israel shouldn't exist. It's that Jews exist. We are the thorn in everyone's side. Historically speaking, Muslims have run us out of Muslim countries. Christians have run us out of Christian countries. And the world, for those groups, didn't change. For the Jewish people, we have been on the run since the destruction of the Second Temple.

Israel is our reality. It is harsh and unforgiving and we are fighting an uphill battle. But, there are ways to help this battle. When Rabbi Shlomo Goren, in 1967, was with the IDF and went towards the Western Wall, there are incredible stories of heroism from him. He ran with a Torah Scroll and a Shofar down the middle of the street to excited and to uplift his troops. As Jews, or people sympathetic to Israel/Jews, we can take a lesson from that playbook. You don't have to run down the streets in a hail of gun fire (although that wouldn't be a far stretch sometimes).

This is how you can help: Money. Not just donating, which is nice and always a humongous help. But business. Capitalism at its finest. Show our collective enemies who is boss and make Israel stronger than ever. Buy and develop Real Estate. Establish companies within Israel to give the Israelis much needed jobs. Buy Israeli goods and services. Make Aliyah!! This is the goal of my website. This is the goal that I have set in action in my mind. There are links to help out. There will be more links in the future. There will be interviews with companies and leaders of industry. there will be city profiles for those looking to set up a business or to set up a home. There will even be, for those who are interested, Jewish art sales and Book reviews. The more you know about the reality of this extraordinary country, the more you will feel the need to stand up and make your voice heard. And the voice of Hadas Vogel and the other four of her family members, and the many other murdered Israelis/Jews living in Israel just for being Jews in Israel. What better way to honor their memories than to help their ideological goals bloom?

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