Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Immigrants Can Offer

YNet Article: New Olim Seek Work in the Public Sector

While this particular piece is on Olim (immigrants) who would like to work in Politics, the same standards can and do apply to Olim in other fields and industries.

In 2008, Nefesh b'Nefesh started a program that pushes Physician's to make Aliyah,

"In response to figures released by the Council for Higher Education's Planning and Budgeting Committee, suggesting that in the next ten years, Israel will experience a serious shortage of doctors, Nefesh B'Nefesh is teaming up with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption to bring an increased number of western doctors to Israel. According to the report, due to a projected population increase – especially among the elderly – coupled with the noticeable trend of doctors leaving the medical profession, the current ratio of 3.5 physicians for every 1,000 Israelis is predicted to plummet to less than 2.5 per thousand in the next few years."

These numbers do say a lot about the economic structure and struggles of Israel. Many doctors leaving the profession means one of many things. Either there is too much stress, not enough money in the profession or there just isn't the opportunity out there for a doctor like there is in the Western world.

Any of the medical Olim coming from America or the UK would barely have to look for work. Hospitals are looking for staff, offices are looking for physicians. What better reason is there, for a doctor, then job security?

Peripherally, just looking at the medical field, there is a ton of opportunity for non-doctors as well. Real Estate developers and investors can build new hospitals and clinics, especially in the less developed parts of the country. Healthcare IT groups can begin integrating Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems into new and existing offices. The production and import of durable medical goods could spark an entirely new wave of business into the country. With new business and real estate development in Israel, it could lead to a plethora of new jobs for Olim and Israelis.

This type of business development can be played over and over again with every industry. And with every new Oleh comes a fresh perspective. More can be done to help every Oleh and Israeli find a job. Gvahim has the right idea and I hope that they can and do succeed. I just hope that the people they help remember that government is not the answer, people are. And the only way to bring people is to bring a livelihood.

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