Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Building Up or Building Out

I've just finished reading an article on Globes about the possible development of a 2,000,000,000 NIS development of skyscrapers in Tel Aviv. The companies involved, Electra and Pangaea Real Estate, both publicly traded companies on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, are massively large companies in Israel.

In my mind, this raises a question: For the development of the country, which makes more sense? If you build up, it shows that the building is here to stay, commerce is happening, losing the building and the land would be disastrous. It's almost as if a taller building lends credence to the economical growth and being of a country. When September 11, 2001 happened in New York, al Qaeda didn't just attack the buildings and butcher 3,000 people, they attacked what they considered the economical infrastructure to the United States, their sworn enemies. They knew that bringing down the economy would weaken the country. Those buildings meant more than office space. They meant freedom and permanence.

In the same respect, with a country like Israel, building outwards has humongous implications as well. To have centralized big cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is all well and good, but if Israel only has those big cities with their surrounding Metro areas, the less populated areas in between have a higher chance of becoming filled with the enemies of the State. Resources become less available to the outlying cities and more focused on the more populated areas.  

I think I can propose an idea. Instead of skyscrapers, which I have nothing against and I think should be built, because symbolically it means a lot, why not build campuses for these big companies that would like to expand. My example is something that I used to see everyday on my way to and from school in Seattle. In Redmond, WA, Microsoft has a large campus to house a massive amount of their employees. Obviously, they have offices elsewhere in the world (including Israel), but the main campus is in Redmond. Also, the airplane manufacturer Boeing has massive campuses devoted to the development and production of planes and other items.

I think this would be advantageous of the larger companies to follow suit. It would help develop lesser developed parts of the land, giving opportunities of community growth as well to the smaller towns and villages. Being stationed in Tel Aviv is great, but as a leading company in Israel, you have to take stock of your well being in Israel. If the PA had their ways, Electra and Pangaea Real Estate would no longer exist. We wouldn't want that, would we?

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