Monday, April 11, 2011

Following Up Meat

Article on Arutz 7:

There just isn't much to say on this anymore. I wrote an article on this subject a while ago and I feel that Europe is just not the place for Jews to begin with. Now that Holland will be enacting a ban on ritual slaughter this coming week, it joins a list of particularly weak countries.

I said in my post that a slaughterhouse should be set up in Israel to provide meat to the communities that require them in these weak countries. However, I have recently learned that the transfer and transport of cattle between the US and Israel is prohibited. I do know that embryos of Cattle are allowed to be transfered. The Israel Longhorn project, and specifically my friend and colleague, Robin Rosenblatt set up this wonderful project to help strengthen this industry in Israel.

The transfer of cattle will help roughly 50 farmers and ranchers to help boost their herds with a type of cattle that is more resilient against disease and is not as docile against attackers and predators. The herds now are being slaughtered and mutilated or stolen by the resident Arabs in the North of Israel and are being attacked by predatory animals.

The Israel Longhorn project will soon be able to take credit cards on their website. It is a 501 (c)3 organization that is trying to do some really wonderful work. Please help any way you can.

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