Monday, April 4, 2011

Israel and its Arms

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The security of citizens is extremely important, both by the government but by its citizens as well. Israel has capitalized on this need greatly and has reached an export business that is topping $7.4 billion dollars. Such an achievement from such a small country, its astounding that more countries aren't buying from them. They must have an amazing product.

Politically though, since Israel is the world's lightning rod of controversy, it must be that buying weapons from a country that is in the middle of so much controversy and is so hated by so many countries, it is taboo to buy. I can't think of any other reason.

It's is good to see, however that SIBAT: Ministry of Defense Foreign Defense Assistance and Defense Export Organization, recognizes the trend away from Israel and is viewing new countries to have an arms trade relationship with. The article mentions Russia. As weary as I am producing any type of import/export with Russia (politically, they are pretty much not on Israel's side, nor are they on America's side. They also have no problem doing business with Iran, a country that would blow Israel, the US and Russia off the map if they had a chance. The stubbornness of the Russian people is legendary and should be monitored closely if Israel is going to export arms.) That being said, Russia would be a major player in the purchase of arms. the country is massive and they spend millions on its Armed Forces.

This will be an extremely interesting development to watch.

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  1. I will admit on the outset that I have no understanding of this industry. I would love to learn about it. Arms trading is an extremely lucrative trade, but highly, highly regulated. For good reason too. Can you imagine if Israel was attacked by its own weapons?!