Friday, April 15, 2011


Technically, this video doesn't show much in terms of a business aspect. In fact, it shows none. However, this video shows me that slowly, Jews are regaining their strengths and property in the holiest city in the world. The wonderful work of organizations like Ateret Cohanim are gaining access to these wonderful areas of Jerusalem. Both Arab men in this video repeat the propaganda that Jews have no claim on Har haBayit (Temple Mount). This outright lie is paradoxically infuriating and calming at the same time. Hearing any lie like this can make me steam, but the fact that they are holding onto such outright falsities proves to me that they are losing steam.

As mentioned before, Jerusalem is being helped by many organizations to help regain Jewish control over our holy city. Whether its for vacation or for permanent residence, consider making Jerusalem your home. Contact Ateret Cohanim or Israel Land Fund or any local Realtor. Do what you can to make Jerusalem the Jews holiest city again.

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