Friday, April 1, 2011

PA Arab Attacks Jewish Farmer with Hoe

Read Full Article on Arutz-7:

It seems to me, from outside Israel, that one of the biggest problems presenting Agricultural, as well as many other types of industries and businesses, is a lack of support from the government in land ownership. Obviously, the PA will scream and yell that the land is theirs and that Jews stole it. It is the same song and dance that has been happening for years.

My question is, how is it possible to become a strong country when the people keeping your country alive and afloat have no direction, no backing and no idea what the government is going to do?

Time and time again, we have seen when a business owner doesn't give clear directives and 110% into a business, it will fail. So to with a country. That is how a country should be run to begin with. Like a business. Bibi has to begin giving clear directives to his staff, including Ehud Barak, that Jews should not be dealt with harshly unless warranted. Jews should be given the security that every civil country gives to their citizens and help the businesses grow and blossom, not with money infusions, but with tax breaks and ownership rights,

It is all well and good to be giving health care and other massive government subsidies. But that shouldn't come at the cost of its citizens who haven't a clue what is doing with their own governing bodies. Besides for security, which in that neighborhood is extremely important, economy and infrastructure should be the first thing on the plate. The stronger and bigger Israel becomes, that security will have to work less and less.

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