Monday, April 4, 2011

Self Sufficiency

YNetNews has the Full Article:

This article rings loud and true to ears of the Pro-Israel camps. A farm, working together at the behest of a Palestinian man, to produce milk that is affordable to people within the PA borders, is serious business. It is truly a testament to the situation on the ground versus the Anti-Israel rhetoric that is prevalent in the media and the world.

This is not the first example of this type of agreement, nor will it be the last, but unless it is a Jewish website or an Israeli website, you won't see this type of partnership discussed with the outside world.

I hate to keep bringing this up, but repetition is key. This is exactly why this website was established. This is a Positive article on the Positive aspects of Israel. This is more than just a business article and more than just a business in Israel website. The full intention that we all should be trying to eschew the negative press that Israel gets and put beautiful, positive articles like this into the worldwide media. Business will flow more freely, tourism will explode (not in a Jihad way) and Olim will begin to see Israel as a land of opportunity as well as an idealogical and religious homeland.

I am aware of the situation in Israel however. There are horrible things happening to Israel politically as well as physically and mentally. While the world hates Israel, the Muslim feel that the right of existence for Israel is not within their vocabulary. Yet, they want to partner with Israelis for commerce? Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Positive articles like these will help silence Israel's enemies with one hand and bring Israel's friends in with the other.

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