Monday, April 11, 2011

Spain and It's Support

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With a long, sordid history between Spain and the Jews, we can see that there is still an underlying devotion for growth and prosperity between the two groups. Up until the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, Jews played a large and important part in the economy of the Spanish nation. The community sat there from the time of the destruction of both Temples (I have seen evidence that they come from both eras.)

So we aren't talking about a new relationship here.

"Israel welcomes you and hopes that your historic visit will help strengthen economic, scientific, technological, educational and cultural ties between Spain and Israel," Peres told the prince. "I would like to thank your father, the King of Spain, and Queen Sophia, for the warm welcome I received in Spain. King Juan Carlos bravely succeeded to lead Spain to democracy after Franco, strengthening Spain and turning it into an open, peace-loving country."

And with a population of roughly 46,000,000 people, ties with this country are increasingly important for the State of Israel. Monetarily, Spain could be a major ally and player in positive relations with Israel as well as encouraging other EU countries to follow suit. 

To play the religion card, 73% of all Spaniards identify themselves as Roman Catholic. The strong Catholic ties to Jerusalem and to Israel, and despite of the history, there are strong ties, can help boost more industries and businesses in Israel. According to the Wikipedia article on Spain that I am getting some of this information from, they are the third largest world investor. 

This all bodes well for the growth and strengthening of ties between Israel and Spain. 

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