Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tourism: A Love Story

See Full Article on Arutz-7:

Tourism, a major industry in every country in the world, is lacking in Israel apparently. According to the Expedia manager for the Middle East, $60,000,000 was made by them alone on travel to Israel. That is just Expedia. Imagine what type of money can be made via the tourism industry!

The concept that Diego Lofeudo, Director of Market Management for Eastern Med and Africa, described about branding Israel as a positive place to visit; Historically, Religiously, and anything else you can think about.

As I have said, over and over again, the point of this website is to do exactly this. Give the option. Not just to tourists, but to business and potential Olim. As I am writing this very article, my computer is buzzing and flashing with different Twitter and RSS feed notices about Israel (All in all, I am hooked up beyond belief with over 50 different feeds and status updates and I honestly read almost all of the posts for this site, it boggles my wife's mind.) Do you think that a majority of the notices are positive? No chance. In fact, despite the positive news of Israel helping out Japan after the horrible tragedy there (Israel was the first country to come and set up field operations to help the Japanese, just like in Haiti), my computer is buzzing with reports of the lie filled Goldstone report being redacted by the author himself and bad news about the Middle East.

Why is this acceptable for Pro-Israel readers, Jew and non-Jew alike? Wouldn't you like to feel vindicated every once in a while in the news and hear how Israel supplies the PA with millions of dollars a year to help them function? The Israeli economy is so robust it can help fund an enemy from within.

Tourism is a funny thing. As an Orthodox Jew, I find it hard to say that everyone should visit Israel. That is only because of a "save yourself" mentality that I have. However, as a business man and a Pro-Israel activist, the Tourism industry has so much to offer the entire population of the world. Imagine seeing the sites holy to Christians, to Jews, to History buffs. Tours set up to make these groups salivate at the thought of seeing these incredible holy, ancient and interesting sights.

Imagine how much it makes a Tour Guide salivate, the Hotel owners, restaurant owners, souvenir shops. Not to mention the taxable goods and services that Israel can collect. Like I said previously, just from alone, $60,000,000 since it was added to their site. The numbers are mind boggling.

Perhaps some worthy financier would like to build a Hotel? I know that the ones we have now are becoming busier and busier and harder to find space.

Oh the will you respond?

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