Friday, April 29, 2011

Yehoshua ben Nun

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There is something very surreal about praying by the graves of our ancestors. The connection from present to past helps us internalize ideas and helps us more towards the future. Gershon Mesika, the head of the Samaria Regional Council brought this idea into light by saying “When he [Yehoshua ben Nun] had to conquer the land, he did not hesitate and think 'What will they say,'”

What will they say? The world's fiery hatred for Israel would call these words incitement. Maybe it is, I don't know. But I hope it is. I hope it does incite people to think about Israel. I hope it does incite people to move to Israel. I hope it incites the government of Israel not to let another Gaza happen and to not pander to the anti-Israel sentiment in the world. Obviously, Israel does have to listen a little bit. They have to be seen as a country who cares, but Israel still must be strong. Kicking its citizens out of their houses to make room for terrorist regimes is insanity.

Seemingly, come September 2011, the PA has decided it will go for broke and declare a state. In the non Arabic speaking public, they say the state will be Gaza and the West Bank. In the Arabic speaking public, they say the state will include all of Israel, killing and deporting the Jews from the ancestral homelands. Many things can be said about this, including that the "West bank" refers to the West Bank of Jordan. Since Jordan no longer has reign over Israel, if the PA would like to set up a country, let them do it in a country that legally "belongs" to them. If the Jordanians will take them, which they wont.

Today, the battle for settlement of Israel has gone way beyond the biblical and historical importance and moved into the 21st century, where settlement means survival for a recognized, sovereign country. Finding a spot to call home in Israel is no longer just idealogical, it means living on eggshells. Careful to live, careful to work, careful to move about in your home. Fear of terror, fear of murder, fear of kidnapping has become a reality in a democratic country, and yet the rest of the world says the Palestinians are in the right and it will be alright for them to declare a state.

Shocking, I know. But you shouldn't be too shocked. This is nothing new. Since the inception of the State of Israel in 1948, the rules never applied to Israel, only the rest of the world. When Israel won land in 1967, they were strong armed to give it back. The Golan Heights is always being spoken about in the Syrian press about being stolen from them. Even in Lebanon, they decry they stealing of the Shaba'a Farms in the North of Israel. Do they forget that they attacked a UN recognized entity because they didn't agree with them? So why does the UN back their ideals now? Because in the UN, an overwhelming amount of charges and Propositions have been brought against Israel, more than all Muslim countries combined.

So how do we, as the Jewish people and non-Jews who recognize the importance of the State of Israel, help this extremely important cause? Israel doesn't just stand for the Jews today, it symbolizes the struggle between the Extremist Muslim mentality against the civilized world. If Israel were to fall into the hands of Extremists, who knows what will be next? The UK (which it kind of has already. Certain cities in the UK are already propping up Sharia law on a governmental level), France, Australia, the US?

By supplying the people in Israel with the money, supplies and land that they need to grow and to strengthen their country, it can help insure the safety of Israel as well as the rest of the Western world. I've written many times about One Israel Fund, which helps with Security in Yehuda and Shomron. I've spoken about the Israel Land Fund and Ateres Cohanim / Jerusalem Reclaimation Project, and I will write more on these incredible endeavors later. Also, smaller projects like the Israel Longhorn Project, which help the ranchers in the North of Israel replenish their herds that are attacked daily, mutilated and murdered by Arabs to drive the ranchers off of their land.

There is something else we can all do. We can all recognize that for the greater good of our lives in these Western countries, it is extremely important that Achdus/Achdut/Togetherness be a prevailing trait. It doesn't matter if you are a Jew or a Christian. Religious or Not. Agree with the State or not. The reality is that we are in a time of our lives now that regardless of our personal feelings and beliefs, people are in danger. not just us, but our family in Israel. The keystone to America and the rest of the Western world. This is the reality and, if history teaches us anything, when we don't recognize and respond correctly to reality, we will be doomed to repeat it.

It's time to take a hint from our collective pasts. Yehoshua ben Nun didn't care what people thought. He was told to take his people into Israel, to claim their right and to settle and to prosper. His first and foremost thoughts were on G-d and his extended family. His countrymen. It's really time to stop with the pandering to anti-Semites. Terror should be dealt with a strong hand and an undying lust for peace.

Educate yourselves. Open your wallets. Put your house on the market and just go. Do what you can do to strengthen Israel, as a State and as a People.

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