Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Demand is Huge

Article on Arutz 7

"The demand is huge, but there is no supply."

I have been beating this drum for some time now. Building in Israel is better than the Field of Dreams, build it and they will come. The statement of Or Doari explaining the investment opportunity in the North really does speak for itself:

“We’re currently looking for entrepreneurs who will come to Migdal Ha’emek, for example, to invest in 88 housing units there,” he said. “In Nazareth Illit there are 3,000 housing units. Tiberias has another few dozen. Afula has another few dozen. We need those entrepreneurs to come and put down the money. People will fill the housing units right afterwards.”

With the recent report that Israel is one of the hottest Real Estate markets in the world, why do I have to keep discussing this?

Just today, I was on the phone with the Founder of B'Ahavat Shalom, who is also working on bringing settlement, as well as Jewish-owned land and Avodat Ivri, Jewish workers. His frustration was apparent as he tried to explain the situation in the North. On a recent trip to America, he came back with enough money to buy a few dunam in the Galil. When he got back, an Arab had bought over 100 dunam. I recently posted an article that stated that 375,000 acres of 5,500,000 acres of Israel is owned by Arabs. That number grows by the day as money from the Arab countries pours into Israel to boost the squatters in our land. Now please don't forget, however, that some of these Muslim countries are actually investing into Israel, not by way of the Arabs. It is a little known fact that Saudi Arabia holds a very sizable portfolio in the Israeli economy, including Real Estate that is inhabited by Jews and not Arabs.Regardless of your feelings towards these countries, please recognize that, in reality, they hate the Palestinians too.

Migdal Ha'Emek = 88 units
Nazareth Illit = 3,000 units
Tiberias = Few dozen
Afula = Few dozen
Kiryat Shemoneh = ?
Acre/Acco = ? (with a brand new, beautiful Yeshiva being built)
Tsfat = ?
Karmiel, Nahariya, need I go on?

Historically, these cities are extremely important in the Jewish tale. For security purposes, these cities are on the forefront of keeping the Syrians at bay. Economically, it is tiny but has extreme room for growth. And they are trying to grow. They are trying to bring local and foreign money into the area to (1) reclaim it and (2) build the infrastructure to secure jobs for Israelis, Olim and Sabras alike.

This isn't Yehuda and Shomron. Idealogically, some people would have problems with investing there. I for one do not, but to each his own. This is unquestioned (at least for now), unadulterated Israel. And our sworn enemies, people who would love nothing more than for Israel and the Jews to be wiped off the map completely, are buying our land up in huge quantities.

To quote George H. W. Bush, "This aggression will not stand." This is not an all out attack on Israel as we know it. This is the drips of water, eating away at the rock, working holes through solid sediment. If this continues, we will have no more Northern Israel left.

There is hope, dear readers. I have mentioned these groups before and I will continue to mention and push them until they are so busy they have to ask people to slow down. On the side of your screen there are a few links: B'Ahavat Yisrael, United With Israel, Israel Land Fund, Nefesh b'Nefesh, Ateret Cohanim. Click on them. Donate. Use them to purchase a slice of paradise for yourselves. If you don't have that type of money, please consider donating. A large sum is always appreciated I'm sure, but with todays economy, whoa re we kidding. If we can all donate $20, $50, or even $100 a month, that adds up. That can add up to help diffuse some of the costs for management, help build Israel, help keep Israel safe or help settle Israel.

Do you really want to let this beautiful region of our holy land go to evil?

I hope not.

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