Monday, May 23, 2011

The Faith

Rav Avraham Yitzhak Kook, ZTVK"L, wrote a beautiful poem named "The Faith." I am not sure if it was written as an alternative to Hatikvah, as has been reported, but I believe it should be the National is gorgeous. Obviously, some things are lost in translation, but you get the idea!

Eternally there lives in our hearts,
The steadfast faith
That we will return to our holy land,
The city in which David settled.
There we shall fulfill our destiny,
[which the] Father of many [nations] acquired,
There we shall live our life
The life of the nation of multitudes.
There we shall serve our G-d
With joy, happiness and song
There we shall pilgrimage
Three times each year.
The Torah of life is our desire,
Given by a Heavenly voice,
Forever it is our heritage,
A gift acquired in the desert.

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