Thursday, May 26, 2011


First, I would like to thank Lizie for her contribution on Supporting Our Israel. It went over very well and I got a tons of hits because of her article. Thank you so much and I look forward to publishing more articles of yours anytime!

Second, please..and I mean....PLEASE check out the Holy Land Phone coupon on the left side of the website. My dear friend, Yaakov, owner of Holy Land Phone, is a big supporter of the site and is and was so excited to offer my readers deals on cell phone rentals in Israel. If you are planning on going to Israel and you need a cell phone, please go to his website.

Third, I am in a pickle. I have made it a point to keep away from politics, as much as I could at least. I am not sure how much longer I can go on that way. Not because there isn't a plethora of positive news and business building available in Israel, because there is. It is because yesterday I received a call from my little sister, in college in Seattle, my home state. She called me all worked up because of a situation that occurred in her history class.

At the outset, I must applaud the teacher for ending the debate before it got too heated. That being said, the education of Americans, in regard to the complete story of Israel, is severely lacking. Bullet point statements are made by idiots and reproduced by even bigger idiots. People like Tom Friedman, author and analyst for the New York Times, and other slime rags, who posit that a repeat of Tahrir Square events in Egypt should be repeated in Jerusalem. This outrageous thesis is dangerous and is calling for the overthrow of the Democratic State of Israel.

I think politics is important in context. Historical context, especially, is so important. Therefore, I would like to start writing a series of articles that open up and set the record straight, historically and politically. That doesn't mean I wont be writing other articles as well, but it is about time to set the record straight.

Enjoy the ride people.

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  1. I just realized I called Seattle a state when calling the education in America, in regards to Israel, pathetic. I realize the irony.