Sunday, May 1, 2011

Making the Past Come Alive

One of the most intriguing industries in Israel to me is the Tourism trade. I know that I have spoken a lot about it and to some, it may seem boring or even not even slightly interesting, but to me and many others, the historical sites in Israel help make the past into a tangible experience.

Being inspired from last nights article on the Kishon River, I decided to find some new pictures and information for myself on antiquities, religious sites and nature reserves and parks. Its incredible how the government (and this isn't to start any type of political discussions. I am fully aware of their lack of regard for many religious sites and the rights of Jews to visit them, i.e.; Kever Yosef, Ma'arat HaMachpelah, etc.) has taken the initiative on many sites to make them appealing to a broad audience. Visiting the Israel Nature and Parks Authority helps someone who is not in Israel, or for that matter anyone who is in Israel, to marvel at how beautiful Israel truly is. The ability to identify and bring history and nature to the forefront of a modern culture is truly incredible. It helps history not be lost, but to become a birthright and a privilege as an Israeli.

It's not done by the government alone. There are private people and companies that produce Biblical theme parks, zoos, parks and other things of the sort. I came across the Neot Kedumim website and I remember visiting this place myself. As someone who learns the Talmud and Tanach and other holy books in Judaism, it is so cool to see the flora and fauna, archeology, as well as the tools and items that are discussed in the historical documents.

As a Jew, these things make my Judaic experience come alive. The link from Mount Sinai to Moshe Rabbeinu to me has brought us all closer and I hope it would for all people who visit Israel.

I really just wrote this article because I wanted to post some beautiful pictures...I hope you don't mind..

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