Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Over the last few days, for whatever insane reason I may have, I have been hooked on the train wreck that is NPR, National Public Radio. In New York, there are several of these types of stations on FM. The day of the Nakba marches, it was very clear that they supported the Palestinian cause. The mention of the dead didn't include the Israeli that was run over by an Arab in Tel Aviv, only the death of Arabs breaking the law in violent protests.

This situation was repeated several times. At closer look at the mainstream media on TV, as far as I saw, Fox News was the only station that carried the news that the truck driver was a terrorist.

This leads me to my point: The world will not do for Israel. Israel MUST do for itself. With pioneers like Arutz Sheva, who made it a point to tell the proud Israeli story, making it OK to be a Zionist and a Jew, we cannot sit idly by while the world refuses to tell Israel's story.

I am extremely proud to be part of the pro Israel blogging world. It has helped me develop my opinions and helped me further develop my love of Israel. That being said, not enough is done. We have no real voice to the general public. Our facts and articles are sometimes looked at, sometimes not. Even the bigger names in the Jewish/Israel blogging world have little exposure.

With the news of the development of the Jewish "al Jazeera" recently, I feel that nothing will be done really. Although it is a great step and I'm sure it will be done very well, by setting up our own club because the other boys won't let us play isn't the answer. The answer is simple, make our voices heard. Between Fox and CNN, World Net Daily (which should be picking up more writers from the blogosphere anyways) and other news outlets, we should not just be putting our articles on our personal blogs and retweeting and reposting our friends, but we should be sending articles, en masse, to these places. The new Jewish news outlet will have its own audience, we need to reach the bigger audience. Our voices need to be raised to a level where they will not only hear us, but pay attention as well.

When I have some actual time to myself, I will be posting a list of news outlets and where to send articles to. I hope people follow suit, because at this time in the existence of Israel and the Jewish people, not being heard will allow our enemies to weaken us further.

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