Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Peace Must Be Anchored in Security

I would really like to thank Lizie, @liziemozc on Twitter, for taking my offer for guest writers! All the way from BRAZIL!! Supporting Our Israel is really worldwide! I have not changed or fixed her writing at all, as I feel that it takes away from her personal flavor. Please enjoy! Follow Lizie on Twitter! If anyone else would like to guest write, please let me know!



What about the pronouncement of Binyamin Netanyahu in the U.S. Congress?

Firm, sharp, true. And applause with justice. While here in Brazil I watched the speech of Bibi on CNN over the internet, I was thinking that Obama picked the right time to travel to England. After all, the comparison between the discourse of Israeli Prime Minister to the U.S. president is embarrassing. Netanyahu stated, with awareness, the crucial moment that lives the Middle East, to the U.S. who watched last week, a proposal, at least "unprecedented" of its chairman. So Israel should reinvent International Law and return the annexed territories, backing to pre-1967 borders? Bibi was resounding: NO. The boundaries, he said, are "indefensible" that is a security issue for Israel, something that to Obama seems always under control, even when Hamas is sleeping by Israel's side.

The approach of Barack Obama with the Muslim world, as strategic as dangerous for everyone involved, begins to unravel the mystery of why a candidate such as the atypical had such as high popularity ratings. Obama is a good lawyer: reconcile, shakes hands with one and another, but will not commit to anyone in fact. This is unprecedented in the history of the "best friends, Israel and USA".

The creation of a Palestinian state can be viable? Yes. The Israeli PM said he was willing to sit down and discuss this possibility. He reiterated that Israel will not be the last to recognize the Palestinian state. But how to do this with those who never recognized the Jewish state? By joining with Hamas, Fatah took to himself a terrorist credential that bar any attempt at negotiation. When Bibi says six words spoken by Mahmoud Abbas, "I recognize the Jewish state", could change history, he's right. While the Palestinian Authority does not resolve its internal problems and do not decide what kind of state they want to be, there will be no negotiation. And that directly depends on the choice between Hamas or peace. After all, what is the purpose of creating a Palestinian state? It is meet people in a peaceful territory, united by the same culture or respect for other cultures, progress and democracy, as the Israeli model? Or to be a militarized state, to legitimize the behavior of terrorist groups and become a more powerful enemy for Israel?

As it turns out, peace is not about a choice of Israel, but Palestine, and the paths leading to it are still uncertain. The only concrete fact is that Israel exists because it has that right, others recognize it or not, and as mentioned Bibi, is the only democracy in the region, is "what is right in the Middle East." For now, the only state that showed a right to exist was Israel. And he must defend it from any threat until the end.

Shalom from Brazil,

Liziê Moz Korssak Correia.

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