Saturday, May 14, 2011

They Keep Playing Games...and We Keep Letting Them

As seen on Arutz 7

"German national railway company Deutche Bahn has backed out of the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem railway project over concerns that the train line will pass through areas east of the 1949 armistice line. The company faces pressure from the left-wing groups in Germany, Israel and the Arab world, led by the Israeli feminist group Coalition of Women for Peace."

I must say, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I won't talk about the past atrocities that this company was involved with, but recently, they are involved in a political game that is based on lies. Even though Germany is friendly with Israel in many ways, personal politics can't be pushed aside.

"Deutche Bahn had been in charge of electricity and communications control on the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem line. However, the company decided that the project was “problematic” because it crosses the armistice line at two points, once near Latrun and once near Beit Surik."

Regardless of where the line crosses, even though it is all Israel, this company is trying to make a stand. In many circles, even in the circles of some self-hating Jews, they are lauded, but these cowards are nothing more than weaklings, spewing the same hatred towards Jews that their forefathers did in World War II.

The reason I speak so strongly about these types of companies is because this type of hatred, whether it is private companies such as Deutche Bahn or more public entities such as Hollywood actors or Musicians, begins to rally anti-Semites and hate mongers. The last thing Jews worldwide and Israel need are more people trying to hurt them in any way possible.

Even though Israel lets little things like this slide off of their backs, these little boycotts (and don't be fooled, they are little and completely useless. The amount of nutcases who actually follow BDS and other disgusting groups are so minute and are usually college age people and dropouts who would rather protest than pick up a real job and make the world a better place) do places small cracks in the confidence of people who do trust and believe Israel is the right country to invest and do business in.

I hope that a company steps up to the plate, calls Deutche Bahn out on being the spineless cowards they are, and completes this project, forging a strong connection with Israel.

Which leads me to another point I would like to make. I have previously mentioned that actors and musicians, not all of them, but many, are apt to boycott Israel for no reason. I would like to say a warm "Thank You" to the cast of House who visited Israel, toured many cities and facilities, including hospitals, commenting on the good work Israel is doing in the world. According to the article, the next cast to be brought to Israel is the cast of Grey's Anatomy. Like the cast of House, I hope that the trip is successful and they bring the positive experience back with them to America and to their colleagues in Hollywood. Israel could use some good publicity!

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