Thursday, June 2, 2011

Even You Are Affected!

Major h/t to Debbie Schlussel for bringing this embarrassment to light.

In a previous article, I wrote about musicians boycotting Israel versus musicians playing in Israel. As stupid as it is, it permeates the air with an aura of hate and anti-Israel rhetoric. That being said, some moron musicians not showing their faces in Israel, who cares? We aren't missing anything.

Then, Ms. Schlussel brought this video to my attention:

Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay and married to Gwyneth Paltrow, a great, great granddaughter of the Divrei Chaim, the Tzanzer Rebbe, has decided to lend his voice to this distasteful song. The lies that are said in these lyrics are enough to make someone's head spin, but then...the video. Oh this beautiful video, made up of people who, under Sharia Law, would be killed or made slaves, women immodestly clad, playing instruments and...GASP..a woman break dancer. At the same time, depictions of Israelis enjoying watching PA towns bombed and killing civilians or soldiers pushing and hitting an Arab woman with a baby in her arms.

It's a good thing Gwyneth Paltrow isn't actually Jewish, because I would move to have her Jewish identity taken away from her. Her choice in a husband is shocking, to say the least. This pseudo-political, hardly intellectual choice in lending his voice to a pro-Palestinian cause is truly scary.

What is the difference between boycotting Israel and singing in an atrocity such as this video? Boycotting Israel, they just won't show their faces, which is fine. Singing a song such as this says much more than a boycott ever could. Martin's influence, mixed with his marital association with Paltrow, is significant. I would venture to say a majority of Americans know who one, or both, of them is. Unfortunately, people listen to rock stars and actors. Bono, of U2, is hugely successful as a Good Will ambassador for struggling countries in Africa. Stars have influence, even if they show their complete ignorance.

I find it difficult not to use my less educated language when speaking about these people. As I mentioned last week, my little sister had a run in with an uneducated classmate discussing the Israel/Palestine debate. Regardless of facts and logic, which when she told me what she had said I found it very logical and true, the true face of idiocy comes through. The debater had little knowledge of the situation in general, let alone facts and statistics. Her cursory glances at newspapers in America and what she heard on the TV and online showed she is easily influenced and blindly follows without a thought of her own.

There is a saying in Judaism, literally translated, "One wisecrack destroys 1,000 rebukes." Even someone who is vehemently pro-Israel is affected. If you hear the same untruth enough times, it still remains untrue, but you begin to doubt your own beliefs. In a world that is generally against the State of Israel, it is important for everyone who is a Zionist, to strengthen their own beliefs and their own knowledge base. By reading, getting active, responding to the anti-Zionist rhetoric and generally preparing ourselves for the most frustrating battle anyone will ever fight, we can help Israel, ideologically, economically and politically.

Don't sit idly by and let these half-wit stars and starlets get away with murder. Hold them accountable. Email their representatives and let them know their client's behavior is unacceptable. The same with anyone who has any influence. It is so important to stand up for yourselves and for Israel. On the flip side, if someone makes a pro-Israel statement, thank them. Show your support for them. This also helps build the bonds that strengthen our community and our land.

Shame on you Chris Martin. I used to enjoy your music, but you make me sick. I hope Coldplay finds its way into the dustbin of history, along with your wife and her pro-Palestinian views. Excuse me while I go throw my Coldplay CDs out.

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