Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sefer Lech Lecha - Rabbi Mordechai Attiah

As my family, friends and basically anyone who knows me, will testify, I love books. My apartment is overflowing. My shelves are filled with history books, business books and, mostly, Sefarim/Jewish books. On both of my computers, I have Sefarim that I find and download online if I can't buy a copy. It is extremely important to have Sefarim in your house, as Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt:"l says "Today, the mitzvah of Kesivas Sefer Torah (Writing a Torah Scroll) can be fulfilled by accumulating a large Torah library."

So for the sake of strengthening people's love for Israel, I decided to bring some halacha and hashkafa (Jewish Law and Jewish Philosophy) to Supporting Our Israel, because let's face it, without Torah, Israel isn't Israel and Jews aren't Jews, whether you subscribe to Torah or not, it defines you as a Jew.

The following is from the Kumah website, where I got this amazing sefer from:

"Rabbi Mordechai Attiah was born in 1898 in Syria. He later moved to Mexico City to lead the Jewish community there, before making aliyah with his wife and nine children in 1936. Before his death in 1978, he founded the “HaChayim VeHaShalom” (The Life and The Peace) yeshiva of kabbalah, the esoteric and mystical discipline in Rabbinic Judaism, and wrote prolifically, urging Jews to return from the exile and lauding the miracles of Israel’s War of Independence."

Now, esoterically, this book is full of surprises. I am not putting this up to have esoteric discussions. In fact, if you do not know basic halacha (or even not Jewish, I'm looking at YOU Madonna!!) Kabbalah, or Jewish Mysticism is not for you. And even if you do know basic stuff, chances are, you think you'll understand the finer points of Rab Attiah's sefer, and you won't. Its not something you can just "pick up." That being said, the basic gist of this work is to strengthen Jews and their love of Israel and build their desire for Aliyah.

I do hope that you enjoy!

You can find the PDF file on the Kumah website HERE!! 

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