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Editors Note: Again, I would like to thank my dear friend Lizie for another article. She asked me to correct her English, which I will not be doing. She is from Brazil and I think that the language she uses adds to the flavor of her literary terroire (a wine term in reference to the conditions of the soil, its a good thing). I am personally honored that she has chosen to write for Supporting Our Israel and I look forward to printing more articles from her.

According to the report of the refugee support agency of the United Nations (UNRWA), "If the goal was to weaken the blockade of the Hamas government, the numbers of public employees (of Gaza) suggest a failure" - are the words of agency spokesman, Chris Gunness. He also said, moreover, that "it is difficult to understand the logic of a policy that was deliberately designed to impoverish the population and condemns millions of people with a potentially productive life living in misery." It would be comical if it were not so shameful and disgusting. The UN has accused the Israeli blockade of being the cause of poverty in Gaza. The same UN that have not justified the investment of the countries in itself. That who loves to send critical notes and never presents viable solutions. The same UN that, as we say here in Brazil, "does not move a straw" for Israel.
Let's see. The Israeli blockade of Gaza was a response to the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, in 2006 (incidentally, the spokesmen for the UN ever forget this detail, the case is that it's been almost five years). In 2006. The UN believes that the karma of the region started since. Very good. However, the area suffers from a chronic shortage of water and has virtually no industry. It has a poor infrastructure, as well as an economic hardship. Since ever. "Ever" is more time than five years. Okay, "from 1967 to 2005 Israel occupied the region militarily." Yes, and it was Israel that made the soil of the Gaza Strip was barren? It was Israel who wanted only 13% of the arable land was composed? Moreover, it was the Israelis who put him there one of the largest population densities in the world with 1.5 million inhabitants for an area of ​​360 square kilometers - with no natural resources? The farms are few, due to lack of space, and nearly all foods consumed are imported. But to the honored UN, Israel is the cause of all evils in the Gaza Strip. Indeed, before the creation of Israel, the region was prosperous? That is a lie so big that it serves neither as a joke. And if Israel ceased to exist - as the Hamas intends- all these other problems that critics and Hamas, which controls the region, do not bother to address it, would disappear by magic!
It is common knowledge that this region is used by terrorist groups to attract civilians to participate in protests and present a risk to Israel. The goal is let them, poor alienated, die, to have something that might accuse Israel of having done. All but the UN knows that the Israeli blockade is indeed a matter of safety. Organizations as the UN can not get carried away with frivolous speculations as "possible shortages of basic commodities in Gaza". Should focus on facts. The fact is that Israel constantly makes concessions, including territorial, in exchange for promises that are just scams used by Hamas and Fatah as well. So that today the last Jew "resident" in Gaza is Gilad Shalit. But about it the UN prefers do not to speak.

Shalom from Brazil,

Liz Moz. 

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