Sunday, June 5, 2011

You Can't Discuss Israel Without El Al

You can find the article on Bloomberg:

I will be honest with the readers of Supporting Our Israel, I know nothing of the airline business. From what I can surmise, it is confusing and logistically, an absolute nightmare. Offer Gat, the CEO of El Al's North and Central American operations, seems to be the man to fit the job. His understanding of the economies in North America, Central America, and seemingly Europe, have helped move this man to be considered an Airline Industry expert by Bloomberg News.

With a steady increase in the North American routes, and a new market route, from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Tel Aviv, El Al seems to be making the right moves in today's extremely hostile economy.

The focus on items of news like this is to showcase Israel's ability to succeed in volatile situations. As mentioned before, with the rise of the Arab Springs in the Middle East, the Nakba and Naksa protest days, Hamas/Fatah unity governments, a threat of a PA state in the UN and all around security issues, companies like El Al are still busy, supporting their homeland by bringing in thousands of people a year for business, pleasure or mixtures of both.

Tourism is on the rise in Israel. Since Expedia put Israel on its Holiday list, it has produced $60,000,000 of new business for the online travel site. Imagine what that is bringing into Israel.

Is Iran, Libya, Syria, Iraq on these sites? If they are, are they bringing in $60,000,000 worth of tourism business? Can regular people go to these places without the fear of being kidnapped, held for ransom or worse, beheaded in an online video? I know in Israel you don't have to worry about it.

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