Monday, July 4, 2011

Explaining the Middle East

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Middle East is the history. The Fertile Crescent as some may call it. The birthplace of civilization. We have so much to learn about the history of the Human race. That is exactly what this group is doing.

A conglomeration of Israel, Jordan and even the Palestinian Authority, are working together to help develop an idea of what Israel was like in the Dead Sea region. The findings could help with settlement, disaster relief and the understanding of human's settlement of the region.

You may be asking why this is important. It is important for many reasons:

(1) Its important to understand the settlement, developments and lifestyles of our ancestors in this region because it can further help the development of the third world countries. Arid and Desert communities in Africa, Asia and India can benefit from this research.

(2) The development of technologies and strategies, in Israel and Jordan, can help bring a new industry, and further economic development into the developing countries. Imagine Sudan being a center of agriculture, producing food, not just for their country, but worldwide, all because the information gathered at the Dead Sea. It may sound like a stretch, but this is how countries have developed into the technologically driven age we live in today.

(3) With the understanding of weather patterns, natural disasters and other acts of G-d, we can further develop strategies to decrease the death and destruction in our own societies.

History is to be learned from, not forgotten. The lessons we can learn from the Dead Sea are still a mystery, but it will be extremely exciting to see what information comes from this research.

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