Friday, July 22, 2011

Glenn Beck: A Lone Voice

One of the most damning things about Glenn Beck is that he is a loud voice of reason. He has become a lightning rod of hate and smearing. Even on the Jewish front, those who support Israel, think he is a liar and a "closet" anti-Semite. His words, like so many others, are taken out of context, or if he says something for shock value, it is played ad nausea, until people believe he is actually all of those horrible names.

To be on the level with everyone, I have not read and heard everything Glenn Beck has written and said. For several reasons. Personally, I don't like all the Jesus preaching; if you want to be a religious Christian, be my guest, but in a public forum, I find it means more if you practice what you preach instead of preaching what you practice. That being said, he is what he is. His delivery is not for me.

Glenn Beck, however, is not an anti-Semite. He is a pro-Semite. He is a pro-Israel, pro-Jew Christian. Even if you don't like their ulterior motives, people like Glenn Beck are some of the fiercest supporters of the State of Israel. If not for the religious motive, than for the Democracy motive; and in these times of serious distress, we can use all hands on deck.

Glenn Beck is really a lone voice. He is a smart, passionate, vocal voice of reason and kindness, not just to Jews, but to Christians and Muslims as well. He has, on many occasions, stood up for Muslims whose conservative, non-extremist voices are seldom, if ever, heard. Yet, he is hated. Shame. People will try to bring "proofs" of him lying, stretching the truth and messing up. This constant malignment has raised the man to a polarizing figure. Leftists and Liberals say he is causing riffs in society, but they are the only ones who point out his supposed flaws.

As a general rule, when discussing Jewish-Christian relations, I am not the strongest proponent. Its with a guarded acceptance that I actually do accept it. This is not because I hate Christianity, but because of situations I have experienced that makes me question motives, but Christians United for Israel, Glenn Beck and similar organizations and people, must be accepted and held in high esteem for their work. Without them, it would be the Jews against everyone else. We have partners in peace and prosperity, we should embrace them, not shun them.

Start listening to reason people, we are in a time period where all voices count.

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