Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Work of Fiction

Before I start, Ghaddafi is evil. Assad is evil. Ahmedinjead is evil. The protests, or Arab Springs, happening now, are correct. These people are sick and must be removed.

The problem is that the only symbol of governance is the Muslim Brotherhood. That is a huge problem.

But, I digress.

Being that I have been out for a few weeks, please don't think that I haven't been reading, watching, observing the insanity that is happening in the world. Arab populations protesting, and many being murdered, by sick despots, eager to regain control of their regimes that are spiraling into destruction. Just tonight, I saw the end of the 42 year dictatorship of Moammar Ghaddafi. This is truly history and it is ALL important to watch and to understand the ins and outs of the fighting. People want to live like human beings. Not caged rats. They want a say in how their country runs without fear of being kidnapped, tortured and murdered. I don't think that is too much to ask.

In Israel, however, we have seen protests and calls for protests. I have seen on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets, calling for an uprising in Israel and in America.

It is truly frightening. I will not say Israel or America are perfect. In fact, those who know me know I am outraged by many of the policies of both countries. Both are nanny states that are seriously unsustainable at their current rates.

In Israel, however, a group of people, who feel entitlements are G-d's gift and can never be taken away, have taken their protests to another level. Initially, it was about housing prices and their exorbitant prices. Thats all well and good. I wish there would be some serious protesting in America over the insane prices and cost of living in the United States, but that is for another time. When discussing real estate in Israel, there are few options that are reasonably affordable. The government, in response to the protests, have started discussing options for affordable housing. This is the type of protest, in Israel, that works. And good for them. They got the government to listen.

Then the left wing groups, many of whom are extremely anti-Israel, such as Greenpeace, Rabbis for Human Rights, HaShomer HaTzair, a Socialist Youth Group, joined in on the fun. Their demands?

  1. A new taxation system would be implemented (which would include lower indirect taxes and higher direct taxes). Taxes are hard to discuss. I honestly would love to see the entire tax system of Israel revamped. I would love to see some of the "entitlements" that are granted done away with. For instance, Universal Health Care. If the Health Care system in Israel would switch to a similar system as in America, I believe the Health Care fields, and all fields that would relate to it, would shoot to the top five in the world. 
  2. Free School from an early age. Really? Not that paying for school is fun, because it isn't, but when is the government responsible for the education of its citizens? If I could, I would do away with the entire Board of Education in the United States too. When people stop having a say in their children's education, which is what happens, the quality lessens, lowering the bar to help the non-performing students pass, not the performing students succeed. It helps breed laziness and idiots and should not be on the government payroll.
  3. Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises would end. A government is not, and I repeat, NOT a business. The United States Government was wrong in investing and bailing out private companies. The idea of "Too Big To Fail" is ludicrous. It would have hurt, absolutely; it would have destabilized things, absolutely. Where is the money for the Ma and Pop stores getting run out of town from Wal-Mart and Home Depot? It is an unfortunate reality. Some people succeed, some don't. Life isn't fair and it is wrong and dangerous to assume that the government should be running businesses, especially since they can barely run themselves. The only income that should be allowed is from taxes, which is a necessary evil. Small business, entrepreneurs, business owners are what keep economies going, not governments. Governments put insane regulations that limit growth and prosperity, and often times, tax the businesses to death. The role of the government is to govern, not be CEO.
  4. More resources being invested in Public Housing and Transportation. I, for one, do not want the governing bodies of either America or Israel to be my landlords or taxi drivers. I am not talking about economically either. It is not alright to think it is normal that the government is our landlord, or our Food Stamp sugar daddy, or personal chauffeur service. This is not to say these programs aren't important. They are. They should be in place for the people who seriously need them, not those who expect them and can play the system. This hasn't worked in America. Public housing has turned into gang lands, hardly safe for family or person alike. Projects have turned into drug filled, violent places. Do we want this in Israel? I hardly think so. This social experiment has failed. 
There is an old addage "Bring a man a fish and he will eat for a day; Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."  There should be programs in Israel to accommodate the entire spectrum of people there. For those who need assistance, programs should be put in place to give it to them, as well as helping them get off of the assistance as soon as possible.

Schooling, because of the demands of the extremely varied demographic in Israel, must accommodate those demographics. Instead of calling Chareidim "lazy," why haven't the leaders of those communities establish schools to help the increasing poverty levels within their constituency? In the "Chilonim" camp, why are they not learning to take their "social justice and equality" and work with the "Chareidim," and vice versa?

Why aren't Olim, Immigrants, from different countries, integrated into Israeli society according to their knowledge and customs? Olim from India have different social mores and structures than those from Seattle. Those from New York have different from Morocco. It makes no sense. To throw them all together and expect "social equality" to reign supreme.

These leftist protesters are dreaming if they think they are correct in their demands. Yes, changes do need to be made, but by socializing the country is not the way to do it. The USSR didn't work, Cuba doesn't work, China is only Communist by name. These protests are merely functional works of fiction. They look nice, but are ridiculous and poorly thought out.

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