Sunday, December 18, 2011

History's Unfortunate Lessons

One of the most frustrating things about blogging for me is the inability to write when I have an idea to write about. When I am finally able to sit down and write, the idea has escaped me and I don't touch my site.

I don't feel it necessary, right now, to discuss how great Israel is. I think it does a pretty good job of doing that itself. I do feel, however, that it is important to see the bigger picture. What could potentially hurt and what could potentially help Israel.

As we could all see from a mile away, the "Arab Spring" was not going to bode well for peace in the Middle east. The civil war in Libya, Syria killing its citizens, Egypt being is really a heightened version of business as usual in these countries. This is why there will never be a last peace in the Middle east. The fundamentalist Islamic groups, which may or may not be the majority, we will never know, are the loudest and the most violent. This "lovely" bunch has less regard for people than I do the trash I throw out after Shabbat.

Then, the disgusting Liberal rag, TIME magazine, decides to lump the Occupy Wall Street protesters with the Arab Spring protesters and name the the "Person/People of the Year," as if this is something to strive to. Civil unrest is never something to strive towards, nor is a protest, it is something that should be avoided at all costs.

At the same time as these protests are happening worldwide, the European Union, a horrible experiment to say the least is crumbling, throwing all economies into a tailspin, inducing fear and MORE riots in its wake. Yet, as Haaretz has reported:

"The Parliament's decision to block the agreements with Israel stems from the lack of progress in the peace process and from our ambition to pressure the Israeli government to alter this situation. If Israel would seriously act to get out of the dead end, the European Parliament would respond accordingly. As president, I will work to find compromises. Right now, it is my impression that the desire to find these sorts of compromises is greater in the European Parliament than in the government of Israel."

 How does one in his position say these comments without retribution? If anyone but President Obama were in office, you better believe that Martin Schulz would be reprimanded by one of the truest allies Israel has ever known. Since, however, we live in a world where America and its fearless leader have, on numerous occasions, slighted Israel, tried to embarrass its Prime Minister, asked Israel to return to pre-1967 borders, something America promised it would never ask Israel to do and left Israel questioning is America really in their corner. In this same world, Nikolas Sarkozy can "unintentionlly" slight PM Netanyahu with President Obama agreeing.

This sounds like a bad dream. This tiny country is considered the root of everyone else's problems. It couldn't possibly be that the Muslim religion is not one of peace, or at least those practicing it are not peaceful people. Failed Socialist policies, such as Universal Health Care, Robin Hood economics, Entitlement states, should have died when Communism fell, yet Greece, Italy, Ireland, and coming soon, America, are all falling hard, blaming everyone but themselves. Obviously, it must be Israel's fault. I mean, how can it not??!

It is not just Israel that is coming up onto a world of hurt. The entire world is suffering. The signs have been there for years. As they say, however, hindsight is 20/20. When Islam attacked the World Trade Center in 1993, it was basically considered an isolated incident by a lone wolf fundamentalist group, no different than Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma. It would have been impossible to know the ramifications of those acts then.

It would also not be wise to continue to play the blame game of who and what caused the financial crises nationally and internationally. It does no good now.

We are in unprecedented times and looking into our collective history to assign blame is pointless. However, looking at the history to help the future is imperative. Seeing that Socialism does not work, we shouldn't try to implement it again.

With regards to Israel, however, looking back at the history, a proper history, not one sullied and changed by the Liberal media, we can see who truly walked away from the peace talks, balked on peace treaties, went back on their words and continued campaigns of Terrorism against a country that would love nothing more than just to be left alone.

The sad truth is we will never learn. History proves this time and time again. I can only pray that we prove history wrong this time.

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