Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wanton Destruction in Mitzpeh Yericho

I think what's most shocking is not the lack of response from the Israeli government, which is deplorable, but the lack of response from the Jewish community, in Israel and the Diaspora. Its almost as if we have become complacent, waiting for these things to happen and then shrugging out shoulders as if to say "what can you do?"

Here is a list to some of the articles about this attack:

Ignoring the Desecration Why should Israeli residents feel this way?
By Way of Miracle... It is a miracle that these vandals didn't hurt, maim or kill any of the Yeshiva Bochurim or Rebbeim.
"Where is Peres?"  I think we all know this answer...
No Arabs Hired Until peace is secured all over, I don't think Arabs should work anywhere in Israel with the main population. Some people may scream apartheid, but security and safety trump political correctness, or does that only work when NOT dealing with Israel and Jews?

Security Money While I am in no way shocked that this is happening, I also don't condone the desecration of Mosques or Monasteries. Judaism doesn't call for such behavior.

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