Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ANALYSIS: Israel and Gaza

Israel handed the control of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority in 2005. Soon thereafter, there was an election, which placed Hamas as the governing body. Israel gave this small strip of land for peace. Are you following?

Hamas, the terrorist organization, who has vowed to obliterate and annihilate Israel, is now running the autonomous tract of land of Gaza. Israel uprooted its citizens in Israeli controlled Gaza, approximately 10,000 Israelis in total. Since 2005, cities like Sderot, in the south of Israel, are bombarded daily with mortars and rockets launched from Gaza. The same place given over for "peace."

Fast forward, July 8, 2014. It is now 4:51pm EST. Since this morning, almost 200 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel, reaching Tel Aviv, Herziliyah, Rishon L'Tziyon and yes, even Jerusalem, where there was a direct hit of a house. Thankfully, the owners were not home at the time. Hamas has stepped up its bombardment of shooting rockets, from within civilian areas into Israel. At the same time, Hamas has given a list of demands to stop firing INTO civilian occupied areas.

Within recollection, this type of volley between Hamas/PLO and Israel is relatively common. However, something has changed. Hamas has become more brazen. The list of demands are almost nonsensical in nature. They haven't stopped lobbing rockets since the ceasefire agreement of 2012, but insist that Israel not respond to the attacks. If this makes your head hurt in its absurdity, join the club.

Israel now has begun Operation Protective Edge, and with Benjamin Netanyahu's vow to "take off the gloves," Israelis are wondering what is really going to happen as Netanyahu, a decorated Israeli War Veteran himself, has become awfully dovish in his later years.
"In recent days, Hamas terrorists have fired hundreds of rockets at Israel's civilians. No other country lives under such a threat, and no country would accept such a threat.

Israel will not tolerate the firing of rockets on our cities and towns.
We have therefore significantly expanded our operations against Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in Gaza.
This comes after our repeated efforts to restore calm were met with increased Hamas rocket fire.
Israel is not eager for war, but the security of our citizens is our primary consideration.
Israel targets Hamas terrorists and not innocent civilians. By contrast, Hamas targets Israeli civilians while hiding behind Palestinian civilians. Hamas, therefore, bears full responsibility for any harm that comes to Israeli and Palestinian civilians alike.
We are determined to give our citizens the safety and security they deserve." Benjamin Netanyahu
Time will tell what is going to happen. All I can ask, no matter what religion you are, pray.

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